Moving + Interactive > Re-Wire Command Interface

For David-James Fernandes' directorial debut, I was tapped to create a believable, patched-together Frankenstein of a computer – and its interface – for Dr. Vanuz's mind-altering laboratory.

The journey began with a trip to ReBOOT, a local used-computer charity that also rents its gear out to film crews. We made off with several Pentium 4 towers and a real gem of a find – a decades-old Compaq server rack, replete with a few hundred kilos' worth of UPSes and hard drive arrays.

I went to work hacking away at one of the PCs, installing Ubuntu Linux and replacing its highly-polished default user interface with XMonad, a tiled window manager written in Haskell. I enlisted Matt Corks' expertise with zsh shellscripting and did some research on dzen, a Linux-based widget engine. All of this was wrapped up into one master script so that the actor would actually be able to type in the command himself, hit enter, and have the imagery appear in real-time.

Alex Steacy, another graduate of my soon-to-be alma mater contributed the graphical interface that was also controlled by the actor, Shawn Lawrence. My TagTool also makes a cameo appearance.

Re-Wire has been submitted to a number of film festivals, and we're all waiting anxiously to hear back.